The Employee Recommended Workplace Award recognizes excellence in achieving a healthy, engaged and productive workforce. It is the only award of its kind that is based entirely on feedback from employees.

How the Award is different

  1. It is evidence based. This is the first ever evidence based award that predicts employee health, engagement and productivity. Similar to customer satisfaction metrics, it is 100% based on data from employees. Winners of this award will have demonstrated excellence in their employees’ workplace experience and Total Health - physical, mental, work and life. 
  2. It measures sustainable success. The Award goes beyond traditional employer of choice awards. It measures the DNA of the organization’s success by evaluating its employees’ health, engagement and productivity, and ultimately the long term sustainability of that success. For millennials this is a conversation they want to have.

  3. It promotes two-way accountability. The Award acknowledges the importance of daily micro decisions made by both employees and the employer. The strength of this two way accountability framework that ultimately defines success of the organization. 

How healthy is your organization?

Access aggregated reports on your employee’s health and well-being.