Here is how the program works: 

  1. Register with a simple 3-step process
  2. Your employees complete the survey
  3. Your employees receive their individual report
  4. You receive your aggregate company report and overall score
  5. Employee Recommended Workplaces and Category Winners are recognized


Simple 3-step registration process

1. Click the Register link on this page to sign-up for the award and pay a small registration fee based on the size of your organization. 

Number of employees Registration fee
25-99 $299
100-499 $599
500+ $999

2. Complete a short online employer survey to provide information about your organization and the actions you are taking to build a healthy workforce and culture. 

3. Upload a spreadsheet file containing all your employees’ names and work email addresses.

That’s it. We will send a confidential online survey to each of the employees on your list, and collect the responses. We will provide you with secure access to a dashboard so you can see how many employees have completed the survey, and with the click of a button can send reminders to any who have not yet responded.

To be eligible for an Award, you must register by November 22, and all surveys must be completed by December 20


Employees complete a short survey and receive a personal report on their Total Health

Your employees will be asked to complete a confidential online survey that takes 10-15 minutes. This gathers information about their health from four points of view – physical, mental, work and life – to get a picture of their Total Health.

All employee data collected for the Award is kept on secure servers and treated as private and confidential. Read our privacy policy.

Once they have completed the survey, employees receive a personal report that gives them their overall score and immediate feedback on their health, and information about the actions they can take to improve it. Most employees find this very helpful.

To be eligible for an Award a minimum number of employees need to complete the survey

This is the minimum percentage of your employees that need to complete the survey, depending on the size of your organization.

Number of employees Minimum survey completion
25-49 75%
50-99 45%
100-499 25%
500-999 20%
1,000 or more 15%



You will receive a report outlining the health of your organization

You will receive an Employer Report with valuable insights on your Total Health scores. This will identify areas of strength and areas where more work may be needed to improve the health of your workforce and your scores for the future.

You will be able to decide on when to close your survey and request your Employer Report.   You won’t need to wait until the end of the program to receive your report.  And you will be eligible for an Award, as long as you meet the minimum survey completion percentage.


Becoming an Employee Recommended Workplace and a Category Winner

​Organizations that meet a minimum standard for Total Health are recognized as "Employee Recommended Workplaces". They will receive a badge of distinction recognizing this, and will have the right to use it in recruiting and other communications materials. 

In addition, organizations with the highest scores in each of the following 12 Award categories may potentially be recognized as Category Winners: 

  • Public companies; privately-owned companies; organizations in the government and not-for-profit sectors
  • In each of these four categories, there will be separate awards for small, mid-sized and large organizations.

These organizations will receive a Category Winner Award, will be entitled to use a special Winner badge, and will be recognized nationally in The Globe and Mail.

Register now to get started

  • 2020 Program launches on April 3, 2019
  • Registration closes on November 22, 2019
  • All employee surveys must be completed by December 20, 2019
  • Organizations that receive the distinction of being an "Employee Recommended Workplace" will be notified by February 7, 2020
  • Winners in each of the 12 categories will be announced in March 2020
  • Employer Recommended Workplaces and Category Winners will be recognized nationally in The Globe and Mail
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