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  • How do you qualify for an award?

    If your organization meets the minimum threshold for Total Health, then you will be recognized as an Employee Recommended Workplace. You will receive a badge of distinction in recognition of this accomplishment and we encourage you to use this on your organization's website and for other communication material.

    In addition, if your organization receives the highest score in any of the following 12 Award categories, then your organization may potentially be recognized as a Category Winner:

    • Public companies; privately-owned companies; organizations in the government and not-for-profit sectors
    • In each of these four categories, there will be separate awards for small, mid-sized and large organizations.

    These organizations will be entitled to use a special "Employee Recommended Workplace Winner" badge, and will be recognized nationally in The Globe and Mail.

  • What's included in the employer report?

    The employer report provides valuable insights on Total Health, and identifies areas of strength and areas where more work may be needed to improve the health of your workforce and your scores for the future. The report includes:

    • Your Total Health score, showing how this compares with some of the healthiest organizations in Canada.
    • Your overall health risk profile and a breakdown for each of the four components of Total Health - physical, mental, work and life.
    • Your strongest and weakest areas in each of the four components of Total Health, to help target areas of improvement.
    • A review of employee perceptions about the programs used to promote workforce health, highlighting opportunities to improve or expand them.
  • What do employees receive when they complete the survey?

    Each employee will receive:

    • Their own Employee Report with his/her score and an explanation of what that score indicates.
    • Access to a downloadable Globe and Mail e-book, Little Steps to Big Changes, which examines micro skills - small steps that can be taken to improve life at home and at work.
    • A special three-month offer for Globe Unlimited, the all-access digital pass to, which includes proprietary investing tools to help employees reach their financial goals.
  • What is the purpose of the employer profile?

    The employer profile is used to collect some basic information about your organization and what you are doing to build a healthy workplace and culture. Once Total Health scores have been determined for all organizations in the Award, they are correlated with information from employer profiles to determine best practices in the most healthy, engaged and productive workplaces. These insights can then be shared with participants to help them improve the health of their organizations and their scores for the future. Please note that none of the information collected in the profile is used for scoring for the Award.