To ensure that all applications are treated fairly and equitably, and that there is no favouritism for Morneau Shepell or Globe and Mail clients, the Award selection process will adhere to the following standards. The purpose of these standards is to  ensure confidence in the methodology and approach that will be used to determine winners.

Consistent objective scoring process for all participants

  • Awards will be determined objectively based only on responses from employees to a survey about their total health.
  • Prior to the start of the survey period for the Award each year, the Award Selection Committee will define the following:
    1. The number and descriptions of all categories for which Awards will be presented.
    2. The scoring methodology to be used for evaluating the Total Health Score for all participants, and any sub-indices that will be reported to employees and employers.
    3. The Automatic Qualifying Standard for employers to qualify as Employee Recommended Workplaces and be considered for an Award.
  • Once the survey period begins, all employee surveys and employer report will be calculated consistently and without intervention, using the above methodology.
  • Employers will have the opportunity to close their surveys before the end of the Award survey period, and request a report. If their Total Health Score equals or exceeds the Automatic Qualifying Standard, this will be confirmed when they receive their employer report.
  • Once the Award survey period ends, Total Health Scores will be calculated and reports prepared for any remaining employers that had not already received reports.
  • The Award Selection Committee will then conduct a final review of the data for any employer who had not met the Automatic Qualifying Standard. If this data demonstrates a healthy, engaged and productive workforce that employees would recommend to others, the Selection Committee may designate that employer as an Employee Recommended Workplace and allow them to be considered for an Award.
  • Subjective information provided by employers will not be considered in any manner in determining Awards.

All questions or challenges for scoring will be directed to Morneau Shepell.

Organizations using a comparable employee survey tools

The employee survey and scoring methodology for the Award is based on the Morneau Shepell Total Health Index (THI). Organizations using employee survey tools that are comparable to the Award, including the THI suite of tools by Morneau Shepell, may  apply for the Award  under the following conditions:

  • Their  employee surveys must be completed  in the same calendar year as the Award surveys.
  • Employers must apply for the award, pay the application fee, and complete the employer questionnaire profile.
  • Their employees do not need to complete the Award survey because the Workplace Award Index can be ascertained from their data.

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