The Employee Recommended Workplace Survey is unlike other health risk appraisals or employee engagement surveys. This Survey looks at the Total Health of an employee -- not just at work, but in their life overall.

The Employee Recommended Workplace Survey looks at four pillars of Total Health: physical, mental, work and life:

  • The Physical pillar measures negative habits, health concerns, weight issues, physical activity, eating habits, and sleep issues.
  • The Mental pillar measures life and work satisfaction, mental health issues, anxiety, self-esteem, coping skills, and stress.
  • The Work pillar measures such issues as absence, productivity, work satisfaction, workplace communication, sentiments about colleagues, career advancement, feedback, recognition, resources, stress, leadership, diversity, psychological safety, and workload.
  • The Life pillar measures how well employees are balancing work and life demands, what they think of their employer’s work-life policies, activities outside of work, financial issues, and relationships.

Employee survey sample questions

Each answer has a weighted score and the sum of the scores from each pillar is combined to come up with each person’s Total Health score. That score will give the employee an indication of areas of strength, and the areas where they may need to make improvements. The higher the score, the better their Total Health.   

The scores from an organization’s employees are combined to come up with that organization’s overall score. That score will determine how organizations are rated as “Employee Recommended Workplaces” and chosen for awards.

Register for the Employee Recommended Workplace Survey before November 22, 2019 and you could be eligible to win an Employee Recommended Workplace Award.